Dr. Susan Lyons, BSc, HBK, DC

Sue LyonsMy name is Dr. Susan Lyons, I have my Doctor of Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, and my Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology. I am certified to practice Chiropractic in Canada, Australia and the United States. I left my full time chiropractic practice in Australia, where I had been practicing for over four years, to set up a multi-disciplinary health centre in Midland, Ontario in January 2005.  I am passionate about chiropractic and its ability to heal my patients.

As a patient of mine, you will be guided through your chiropractic care in a logical manner. I will explain the reasons and benefits for all therapies that I have designed and recommended for you; and will strive to exceed your expectations of chiropractic care.  I  utilize many different chiropractic adjusting techniques. Hence, you  will have a specially tapered adjustment technique suited to your specific individual health needs.

I am certified in Diversified, Activator, Active Muscle Release, Soft Tissue Techniques, Gonstead, SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique), Advanced Cranial Techniques, and Chirodontics Level I, Level II and Level III.  I have been utilizing the Chirodontics Technique and other Advanced Cranial Techniques since 2000, and have worked alongside Orthodontists, Facial Surgeons and Doctors of Dentistry.  Patients often respond quickly to Chirodontic care when co-treatment is performed and the treatment plan is followed.

Your initial examination will take 40 to 60 minutes. A complete postural assessment will be given, along with an assessment of any other complaints, plus a gait scan screening and you will receive your first chiropractic care on this visit.  Following your treatment plan, will provide optimal results.

I believe chiropractic care will enhance your quality of life, when used in conjunction with regular medical care and our other therapies.

Accolades:  Dr. Susan Lyons has been nominated several times for Business Woman of the Year, periodical exams for the CCEB and continually up grading her skills through continuing education.