Lori Petroff, RAC Cert, RCRT

Lori PetroffLori Petroff practices yoga, reiki, essential oil, herbal remedies and healthy eating to maintain wellness. Lori is a gardener, and a student of Sustainable Urban Agriculture, growing organic and heirloom food. Lori is also a spiritual councilor and healing minister, and actress in short films and with the Huronia Players Theatre company.

Through the Reflexology Association of Canada, Lori studied the anatomy and physiology of the body and reflexology techniques. Lori also studied Reflexology through the School of Natural Health Sciences based in the UK.

As your Reflexologist, Lori works together with you to help you achieve and maintain balance and well being using a healing touch and reiki through her hands in reflexology sessions. Reflexology treats the whole body in a gentle and non-invasive manner which has no adverse side effects, and works with all other holistic and traditional healing methods.

Lori works with people who are ready to be well and stay well, who are ready to release tension, have pain reduced, increase their vitality, improve their sleep, and make positive steps in improving circulation and healing.